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Tecnologia em Metalurgia, Materiais e Mineração
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Fernando Benedicto Mainier, Humberto Nogueira Farneze, Laís Ferreira Serrão, Virgilio Pomponet dos Reis, Thais Pereira Sarmento

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AISI 317L stainless steel is specified for equipment and components used in the treatment of formation water from oil and gas production with high salinity. To avoid or reduce the sodium chloride attack on stainless steel 317L, the corrosion inhibitor, propargyl alcohol (2-Propin-ol-1) base, is added. The corrosion inhibition effect of propargyl alcohol on AISI 317L stainless steel in sodium chloride solutions at 3.5% (mass) concentration and temperatures of 25, 40 and 55°C was investigated using electrochemical (cyclic potentiodynamic) and optical microscopy methods. The laboratory results obtained to evaluate the protection of AISI 317L stainless steel showed that they are very promising with the addition of propargyl alcohol in the sodium chloride solution, because it reduces the intensity of pitting on the passivated surface.


AISI 317L; Pitting; Corrosion inhibition; Propargyl alcohol.


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